Source Seating

We are a company dedicated to innovative seating design. Our long-established experts are individuals with ideas and innovations that could help you create the best seating design. 


Decorating from Scratch

Our team employs creative strategies in the design process. Our mission is to redesign the entire seating design process. We believe that every new seating design should contain a new aspect and illustrate the existing trends.

A key component of our sitting design is minimalism

With commercial and residential space becoming more expensive, it is time to find new ways to maximize the small space. Seats take up the largest part of our living rooms and offices. We believe that this should not be the case. With a minimalistic seating design, you can get seats that are functional, attractive, and economical.

We are also committed to protecting the environment by using renewable materials.

All our seats are made from eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and pine wood. We don’t use plastic or any material that may harm the environment. We think that the way you place seats in your home or office can affect the environment. That is why we will show you how to create a sustainable seating plan.


We sell many eco-friendly seats. Each of the seats we sell represents a new idea and a fresh way of approaching the sitting design. We have products that speak to the millennial generation and their working environment. Our seats are ideal for remote working as well as other entertainment activities such as gaming. We also design seats that are ideal for parties and family dinners. All our seats are compatible with today's smart home.

If you have limited space at your home or office, we have got your back.

We are designing seats that can fit in a small corridor office. We can also help you create a seating design that can accommodate twice the number of employees you currently have in your office. We also take these ideas to the residential space, showing you how you can fit many seats into a small apartment.


It would be best if you weren't troubled by your seating arrangement.

Homeowners and office managers have to change their seating design every few days to fit particular locations. Fortunately, we will show you a sustainable seating design that won’t require moving seats every other week.