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We are at a time when protecting the environment is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Every company must do what it can to reduce its carbon footprint. Reducing carbon footprint and increasing environmental awareness are at the core of our business operations. We have a policy of not using materials that could harm the environment. Our sustainability department does thorough checks on all of our products to ensure they meet environmental protection standards.

For instance, our latest seats are made from renewable or recycled materials. We have bought old seats and refurbished them to make them functional and new again. Our recycling initiatives extend to plastic, which we have recycled and included in our seating designs. Most importantly, we don’t use wood from endangered trees. That is why the majority of our seats are made from bamboo. Environmental experts recommend bamboo for furniture making because it grows quickly and is a sustainable source of wood.


We have a laboratory that researches sustainable furniture materials.

The idea is to find more applications of renewable sources. So far, we have come up with creative ways of making aesthetic furniture using recycled plastic. Our teams are also working closely with companies that have invested massive resources in eco-friendly materials research.