Our Team

Our company is based in San Francisco, California.

working with us

We have an experienced team of leading designers, fashion experts, and interior designers. This diversity team does regular brainstorming to ensure each new seating design we create is innovative, unique, and functional. 

The team keeps an eye on the current interior design trends and the latest advancements in furniture making. We adopted this strategy because we believed we have to keep one foot in the real world and another in the creative world.

Many of our team members are minimalists at heart

They are people who believe that small is better. As a result, they have experience living a minimalistic life. By practicing these ideas in their private life, they can identify what minimalistic ideas work and how our seating designs can be improved. When you come to our company, you will discover how we practice minimalism at our offices. Our typical traditional 200 square feet office has been redesigned to accommodate ten employees.

The company believes that our customers will become loyal if we create sustainable products.

That is why we sell furniture and seating design plans that will remain relevant for the next decade or so. We are also environmental-conscious, with most of our material sourced from eco-friendly products.